A Story of Personal Healing

Rev. Juanda L. Green’s Xlibris release helps readers achieve inner peace Murrieta, CA– (January, 2011) 

 A story written to lead anyone on a path of healing awaits in author Juanda L. Green’s "A Love Affair For Life". The book introduces a couple who realize the need to address their personal issues before making a big commitment. 

“As we live out our short duration on earth, may our lives truly become instruments of healing rather than weapons that leave a trail of generational destruction." 
(Green, 2011)

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I made it a priority to sit myself down and complete your book this weekend and all I can say is WOW! The way that you structured is enjoyable, and a teaching lesson all at the same time. I can see it being used is so many ways in the Kingdom... Pre- marital counseling, Women's Ministry, Marriage Ministries, Christian Counseling students, those that may be afraid to go to a Christian counselor, (there is such a stigma to that in the Black community), and by all of us that want to do, or need to let God heals us. We all go from glory to glory to glory. You book will help people make the move toward freedom.

And it's anointed. The Holy Spirit is felt within its pages.

I don't recommend many things to anyone but I have just finished a book by My pastor Juanda Lychelle Green. It tells of how if we can get rid of the some of the baggage we are carrying around for years, come to grips with unresolved hurts from our child hood, our relationships will change with the people we work with, with family, and we are able to live a better and healthy life. It's a must read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. WOW!!! Because of your book I am learning to identify my feeling---rather than stuff them--- and deal with them...I am sooooo greatful for your book. It is amazing. You have so much insight. I thank you. 

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A Prayer Group  Book Club Loving the Book!!!