When I was a child, one of things I loved to do was to draw and color. 

When I create my pieces it’s like drawing and coloring with beads. 

Remember your childhood passion, explore a creative outlet from that passion, and SHINE!
Contact me at ShineByLychelle@gmail.com to schedule  for a consultation.  I will try on the pieces for you so you can see how they look.  I also have bracelets and earrings to show.
Semi Precious Stones - $45.00
Semi Precious Stones - $45.00
Semi - Precious Stones - $45.00
The Lady in Red! $35.00
STUNNING !!!  $60
You must see this! 
​Schedule a consult and you will see how beautiful this piece is!
Ethic  Pride - $35.00
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 *Prices do not include postage and handling.